Bright Pink Paper Plates

Stock Status: Supplier Recently Confirmed Stock Updated: 2017-09-22

How does the Stock Status (BETA) work?

With having over 5000 products made available to you, it is not possible for us to keep stock of every item on our site. All the items we have listed on our site are available from our suppliers and are dependent on stock availability at the time your order is placed. Please submit the order online and we will confirm stock availability for you.

We are constantly working with our suppliers to provide you with the most accurate stock status.

Our suppliers stock levels are constantly changing and we are communicating with them continually to provide you with an accurate stock status. Below are the different statuses that you may see throughout the website.

Stock Status (BETA) Meaning
Stock to be checked Stock on this item has not been checked with the supplier in the past 7 days. We will confirm stock once you submit your order.
In Stock

PartyNet has this item on hand. However we do not reserve stock for any unpaid order. Therefore this item may show an "In Stock" status at the time of order but will be allocated in the order of payment received.
Supplier Recently Confirmed Stock Our Supplier has recently confirmed they have stock of this item.
Extremely Low / Out of Stock at Supplier Our Supplier has Extremely Low stock or is Out of Stock of this item.
You may still order this item and we will check with the supplier again to see if there is any stock available.

N.B. The Stock Status (BETA) feature is only to assist PartyNet and yourself with your order. You may ask - What happens if I pay for an item and it is out of stock? For more info please read our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions